Michael is a very talented boy ____ New York. He likes to play musical instruments a ____. His parents bought him a nice violin on his birthday, last Friday. He was very happy but he offered it to his sister, Victoria. She is six years old, two years younger ____ Michael. Michael usually plays the guitar ____ weekends, but this weekend, he is playing the piano. This weekend, his best friend, Oliver, invited Michael ____ Washington, ____ his grandparents. It is Oliver’s grandmother’s anniversary. Last night they ate cakes and ____ TV. ____ they were going to sleep, ____ lights went ____. James is a boy from Boston. He is a friendly person and has many friends. He spent his 13th anniversary last week . He threw a party and 10 ____ his classmates were invited. He enjoys spending time ____ his best friend, Raul. Raul is now studying in New York so they meet ____ ____ month. Yesterday they ____ playing football ____ the schoolyard when it ____ to rain and got well wet. They laughed and ____ home quickly. When they ____ the house, their mother turned on the TV and invited them to listen to some music in order to relax. She had ____ a delicious cake, it was on the table, behind the vase. o He’s really rich. He goes to work by ____ and he lands on the roof of his office building.o I really enjoy ____ . It’s one of my favourite subjects. It’s taught me a lot about the human body. o We ____ the last train home and so we slept in the station. o We learned about the Spanish Inquisition today in our ____ class. o I can’t ride a motorbike and I don’t want to learn how ____. I think they’re dangerous. o John has never liked ICT . He ____ computers. o My dad rides his ____ to work. It’s quicker than going by car and a lot cheaper. o We ____ over the mountains in a small plane. The views were fantastic! o My dad was very good ____ PE when he was in high school. In ____, he was the best athlete in his class.




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