1) It took her three hours to make that cake. a) She took three hours making the cake. b) Making that cake took her three hours. c) Three hours took her make that cake. 2) She made her husband quit smoking. a) He was made quitting smoking. b) He was made quit to smoking. c) He was made to quit smoking. 3) They were interested in the book. a) They found the book interesting. b) They found the book it was interesting. c) They found the book being interesting. 4) I prefer listening to music to dancing. a) I prefer to listen to music rather then dance. b) I prefer listen to music rather than dance. c) I prefer to listen to music rather than dance. 5) It is dangerous to feed the bears. a) Feed the bears, it is dangerous. b) Feeding the bears is dangerous. c) To feed the bears is dangerous. 6) Could you write this for me, please? a) Could you mind writing this for me, please? b) Would you mind write this for me, please? c) Would you mind writing this for me, please? 7) It is too heavy for him to carry. a) It isn't heavy enough fo rhim to carry. b) It's so heavy that he can't carry. c) It's so heavy for he to carry. 8) The boss let him start later. a) The boss allowed him start later. b) He was let to start later. c) He was allowed to start later. 9) She prefers cooking to reading. a) She would rather cook than read. b) She would rather cook then read. c) She rather cooked than read. 10) She found the play amusing! a) She was found to be amusing! b) She was amused by the play. c) She found the play and amused.

Rephrasing-the infinitive/-ing forms/participles


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