1) Marie Curie... a) was a teacher b) was Pierre Curie's aunt c) were born in 1867 d) was born in Poland 2) Messi... a) were born in Argentina b) was born in Santa Fe c) was born in 2000 d) was a River Plate player 3) Einstein and Isaac Newton... a) was physicists b) were from Germany c) were famous physicists d) was born in the same year 4) San Martín... a) was born in Córdoba, Argentina. b) was a militar and politician c) was born in France d) was born in 1776 5) Isaac Newton... a) was born in the UK b) were from England c) was a musician d) was born in 1680 6) Who were Pierre and Marie Curie? a) They were husband and wife. b) They were born in the USA c) They were born in 1967 d) They were scientists. 7) Juana Azurduy a) was from Argentina b) was born in Bolivia c) was born in 1970 d) was a poet 8) Socrates... a) was a Roman philosopher b) was a Greek philosopher c) was an Italian philosopher d) was a French philosopher 9) Martin Luther King Jr... a) was born in Atlanta, Georgia b) was assassinated in 1978 c) was a leader of the Civil Rights Movement d) was born in 1959 10) Who was Freddie Mercury? a) He was an American singer b) He was a British singer c) He was a Canadian singer d) He was the vocalist of Queen 11) Who was Steve Irwin? a) He was called "The Crocodile Hunter" b) He was a zookeeper c) He was born in The USA d) He was born in London 12) Bob Ross... a) was born in 1953 b) was born in Florida c) was an American painter. d) was an American architect  13) Carrie Fisher... a) was an American actress b) was "Princess Leia" in Star Wars c) was born in 1960 d) was born in San Francisco, USA 14) Audrey Hepburn... a) was born in 1935 b) was a British actress c) was an American actress d) was famous for the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

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