We went to our friends’ house and rang the doorbell, but nobody answered. (they / go out), Sarah hasn’t contacted me. (she / get / my message), The jacket you bought is very good quality. (it / be / very expensive), I haven’t seen our neighbours for the last few days. (they / go away), I can’t find my umbrella. (I / leave / it in the restaurant last night), Amy was in a very difficult situation when she lost her job. (it / be / easy for her), There was a man standing outside the cafe. He was there a long time. (he / wait / for somebody), Rachel did the opposite of what I asked her to do. (she / understand / what I said), When I got back to my car, it was unlocked. (I / forget / to lock it), My neighbours were making a lot of noise in the night. It woke me up. (they / have / a party), The light was red, but the car didn’t stop. (the driver / see / the red light), Paul has had these shoes for years, but they still look new. (he / wear / them much), a: I was surprised Amy wasn’t at the meeting. Perhaps she didn’t know about it. b: Maybe. She ___________________about it., a: I wonder why Tom didn’t come to the party. Perhaps he didn’t want to come. b: It’s possible. He _______________to come., a: I wonder how the fire started. Was it an accident? b: No, the police say it _________________an accident. Somebody started it., a: Mike says he needs to see you. He tried to find you yesterday. b: Well, he ____________very hard. I was in my office all day., a: The man you spoke to – are you sure he was American? b: No, I’m not sure. He ________________ British., I’m feeling sick. I ate too much. I ____________________ so much., When we got to the restaurant, there were no free tables. We hadn’t reserved one. We ______________________, Laura told me her address, but I didn’t write it down. Now I can’t remember the house number. I ________________________, I was looking at my phone. I wasn’t looking where I was going. I walked into a wall. I _______________________, I wasn’t feeling well yesterday, but I went to work. That was a mistake. Now I feel worse. I ________________________, I was driving. The car in front stopped suddenly and I drove into it. It wasn’t my fault. The driver in front ___________________.


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