We were accustomed ____ working together. I'd advise you ____ saying anything to the press. No one could agree ____ anything. These policies were aimed ____ achieving full employment. He was annoyed ____ being caught in the wrong. He did apologize ____ running away. The leader did not want to apologize ____ the people. Don’t blame me ____ your problems! The crash was blamed ____ pilot error. The man insisted ____ helping me find a taxi. I'm a little nervous ____ leaving the kids at home all alone. Most people do not object ____ helping someone in need. We're going to lose anyway, so I can't see the point ____ playing Vets have had to resort ____ killing the animals. Ten years ago I began researching ____ the role of women in trade unions. I'm sorry ____ making such a fuss. She suspected him ____ killing Jane. I always seem to be quarrelling ____ my parents. We're not going to quarrel ____ a few dollars. We hope the bad weather won’t discourage people ____ coming along. I've always had an interest ____ astronomy. There’s something a bit suspicious ____ this.




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