it's a piece of cake - Very easy, it's not my cup of tea - Don't like it, it's no use crying over spilt milk - it's useless to regret what has been done, cheap as chips - very cheap, be full of beans - have a lot of energy , couch potato - to be lazy, to spend your free time watching TV, especially - very much, more than usual or more than other things, make up one's mind - to decide, tricky - it is difficult to deal with and needs careful attention , instantly - immediately , to bargain - an agreement between two people in which each promise to do something in exchange for smth else, disgusting - extremely unpleasant , as well - Also, too, thoughtful - showing care and consideration in how you treat other people , to pop around - to go to a particular place, selection  - a range of different types of something , to snatch - to take something suddenly away by force , raise money for - to work to earn some amount of money in order to fund someone or something , to argue with - to speak to each other in an angry way because they disagree, in case - in order to be prepared for something that may happen , charity - an organization whose purpose is to give money, food or help to those who need it, to be in trouble - to be in a situation of danger or difficulty , roll one's eyes - to move your eyes as a way of showing that you are annoyed or bored , loads of money - a big amount of money , be more mature - to behave like adults, completely grown , jolly - Happy and smiling , help yourself  - to serve oneself as much food or drink as one would like;to take smth without permission ,

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