1) What is a reporting verb? a) A reporting verb is a word that is used to talk about or report on other people's work b) A reporting verb is one form of reported speech, we usually introduce reported verbs with the verb ask  c) A reporting verb always take the second person(you) for the subject but most of the time the subject remains hidden d) A reporting verb is the part of the sentence or lexical category that expresses an action, movement, existence, achievement, condition, or state of the subject. e) A reporting verb is a part of a sentence that contains the person or thing performing the action (or verb) in a sentence f) I don't know  2) Which type of verb we used? a) He, play, she b) Say, tell, ask c) speak, said, talk d) talk say, run e) tell, walking, watch f) run, take, see 3) What kind of style do reporting verbs have? a) Indirect b) Direct c) None d) None of the bove 4) The informative verbs can be followed by another informative verb or in Ing a) True b) False 5) Select the sentence that is correct with the verb say a) She say that she had already eaten b) She said that she had already eaten 6) Select the sentence that is correct with the verb tell a) I told Jhon that I had seen the new film b) I told Jhon I had seen the new film 7) The reporting verbs in addition to communicating a message, what else do they communicate? a) different types of verbs b) more information c) intention, feeling, and idea  8) What is the problem with reporting verbs? a) that adopt different structures, some with an object, some without an object, some with prepositions, some without prepositions b) That are too many c) Those are too complicated  9) What is the verb ask used for? a) We use 'ask' to report questions or requests. b) To make imperative sentences c) To complement the sentences 10) What is tell for? a) 'tell' we need to use an object, a person who we tell the information to b) 'tell' is used to complement a sentence c) 'tell' is used to any option




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