1) Russia is ___________ country in the word. a) larger than b) the largest 2) Whales are _______ elephants a) heavier than b) the heaviest 3) English is ________ Portuguese. a) easier than b) the easiest 4) Chocolate is _________ sweet. a) better than b) the best 5) Fruit is _________ ice cream. a) healthier than b) the healthiest 6) The Vatican is _______ country i the world. a) smaller than b) the smallest 7) My grandfather is ________ person in my family. a) older than b) the oldest 8) Panda bears are ________ than polar bears. a) cuter than b) the cutest 9) Who is __________person you know? a) more famous than b) the most famous 10) Brazil is __________ Argentina. a) bigger than b) the biggest

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