1) What does the idiom "A blessing in disguise" refers to? a) What you have is worth more than what you might have later b) Better to show than tell c) A good thing that seemed bad at first d) Do something without having planned beforehand 2) The idiom "A dime a dozen" is better used as...? a) A part of a sentence b) By itself 3) What idiom would better suit this definition? "Avoid saying what you mean, usually because it is uncomfortable" a) Break the ice b) Beat around the bush c) By the skin of your teeth d) Don't cry over spilt milk 4) Complete the following idiom, "Bite the ______" a) Leg b) Milk c) Nail d) Bullet 5) Does the idiom "Brake a leg" have a positive or negative meaning? a) Positive b) Negative 6) What does the idiom "Cutting corners" refers to? a) Make excuses b) Doing something poorly in order to save time or money c) Ignore traffic laws d) Doing something risky 7) What does the idiom "Hit the sack" mean? a) To do something violently b) To punch a literal sack c) To sleep d) Go to the bathroom 8) Complete the following idiom, "It's not ________ science" a) Rocket b) Space c) Food d) Nuclear 9) What idiom would better fit this situation? You're badmouthing a coworker and seconds later he shows up a) That's the last straw b) Speak of the devil c) Get your act together d) To make matters worse 10) What idiom would better suit this definition? "The worst possible situation" a) Add insult to injury b) Costs an arm and a leg c) A perfect storm d) Don't cry over spilt milk

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