1) I live in the ____ of California. a) stat b) sidewalk c) side d) state 2) I had to _____ my phone when it broke. a) sidewalk b) outside c) replace d) replase 3) Eight is less than ____. a) outside b) nine c) side d) state 4) My grandpa lived to be _____ years old a) ninety b) face c) nine d) ninede 5) Before I run, I like to do ______ stretches. a) side b) face c) tadpole d) syde 6) Stay on the _____ during your long walk. a) outside b) state c) sidewalk d) replace 7) Please don't touch your ______. a) face b) fase c) nine d) replace 8) The weather is beautiful ______. a) replace b) outside c) nine d) state 9) Are _____ your pencils? a) tadpole b) these c) replace d) tese 10) A frog is a _____ when it is a baby. a) sidewalk b) tadpole c) these d) ninety

Unit 6, Week 2 CVCe Spelling Words Cloze Sentences




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