1) What is Vio doing a) She is riding a bike. b) Vio are riding a bike c) He is riding a bike. 2) What are they doing? a) They are eating pizza. b) They is eating pizza. c) We are eating pizza. 3) Are the dogs sleeping? a) Yes, they are. b) No, they aren't. c) They are sleeping. 4) What is she doing? a) He is drinking milk. b) She is drinking milk. c) We are drinking milk. 5) What are Rio and you doing? a) They are singing. b) We are singing. c) He is singing. 6) Are they playing? a) No, they aren't. b) Yes, they are. c) No, they are. 7) What is Dave doing? a) He is jumping on bed. b) He is jumping on the couch. c) He are jumping on the couch. 8) Is Ms. Darlene eating sandwich? a) No, she isn't. b) Yes, she is. c) Yes, he is


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