1) They ________ skating last Saturday.  a) go b) went c) will go 2) We ___________ you tomorrow. a) saw  b) will see c) sees 3) She _____________ every day. a) cook b) cooks c) do cook 4) _________ you watch  a movie last night? a) Do b) Did c) Will 5) What time ___________ usually get up in the morning? a) will she b) she c) does she 6) They _________ to New York next year. a) traveled  b) will travel  c) travels 7) The store ________ yesterday. a) did not open b) will not open c) does not open 8) He always __________ things he does not need. a) buys b) buy c) bought 9) We _________ them last year. a) visited b) will visit c) visit 10) He ____________ as a teacher. a) work b) works c) don't work

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