Where did you go last weekend?, How do you get to school?, What is bigger: a whale or a crab?, Name 5 types of transport, Would you like to be a farmer?, Where did you go on holiday last summer?, Do you wear a school uniform?, How many lessons have you got every day?, Where do you live?, What do you like doing at home?, Where do you have dinner?, What time do you have dinner?, How many rooms are there in your house?, What's your hobby?, What sport do you like?, What's your favourite food?, What's your favourite school subject?, Have you got brothers or sisters?, What's heavier: a shark or a starfish?, Tell me about your favourite drinks., Name 5 drinks, Tell me about your home, What time do you go to bed?, What's your favourite school subject?, Who is the oldest in your family?, How old is your best friend?, What's your friend's name?, What clothes do you like wearing?, What do you like reading?.

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