Spanish-American War: US acquires Imperial Colonies like Puerto Rico, Guam, Philippines, US became a world power because of this war by defeating a major power and gaining overseas territories, San Juan Hill was a battle won during this war by the Rough Riders and Teddy Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt and the Rough Riders volunteered to go fight in this war making Roosevelt a national hero, De Lome Letter mocked President McKinley as being a weak President and a partial cause of this war, President McKinley was the 1st Imperial President, Yellow Journalism-exaggerated news stories and a partial cause of this war, Remember the Maine was the slogan that helped promote this war after this ship mysteriously exploded in the Cuban Harbor, 1898, American Imperialism starts (Imperialism is where you take economic and political control of foreign lands and use their resources for you own gain), Korean War: Harry Truman goes into this war without congressional approval, Containment was the US policy to stop the spread of communism, Ends in an Armistice, right where it began, no winner or loser, 1st War of Containment, President Truman fires General MacArthur for insubordination, 38th Parallel or DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) is the dividing line between 2 countries, 1st War to use an international peacekeeping force (United Nations), 1950-1953, Vietnam War: War Powers Resolution was passed to limit executive powers after this war, President Lyndon B. Johnson escalated this war, Credibility Gap of faith in US government was created by media, Pentagon Papers and Tet Offensive, Woodstock concert for peace, the Counterculture and the Hippies, Geneva Accords divided this country into Northern communists and Southern Democracy, Kent State Shooting by US troops of 4 students protesting this war, Silent Majority were people that Nixon claimed supported the war, but did not gain the attention of the Anti-War movement, Living Room War-Watching the war on television changed the perception of civilian views of this war, Roy Benavidez, Medal of Honor winner and War Hero, 26th Amendment changed voting age from 21 to 18, Vietnamization was Nixon's policy of withdrawing US troops and turning the fighting over to South Vietnam, Vietcong were southern communist supporters of Ho Chi Minh, 1954-1973, Major Anti-War protests, Invasion of Laos and Cambodia, Gulf of Tonkin Resolution expanded Executive Power, Pentagon Papers revealed the US was losing the war, Fall of Saigon signified the loss of the war with takeover of the south by the Vietcong communists as US withdraws from the war, Tet Offensive was a surprise attack by Vietcong that took major US controlled cities showing we were losing the war,




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