Someone has already paid the electrician for his work., They taught him French and gave him a dictionary., When we first met, they had already offered me a job at the bank., A man requested the stranger to leave the meeting., A young woman asked the rest of us to be there at eight o’clock., They had eaten all the dinner before they finished the conversation., Who wrote it?, The author was writing a special edition for children., Did the idea interest you?, Why didn’t they mend the roof before it fell in?, The burglars had cut a huge hole in the steel door., The organizers will exhibit the paintings till the end of the month., Why were they ringing the church bells?, Is the music disturbing you?, Someone is helping her with the hosework., A dog is chasing the cild., My friend sent me an invitation., The farmer is building a new barn., The secretary has given Mrs. Jones some letters., The traffic warden had already given him a ticket for illegal parking., Someone had broken our door down., They are chosing the best actor of the year..


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