1) Daniel Radcliffe ... Harry Potter. a) starred b) directed c) played d) wrote 2) The film "Avatar" was a box ... hit. a) cinema b) theatre c) office d) work 3) The book "Shantaram" is a best ...  a) buyer b) seller c) selder d) brender 4) What is it? a) stage b) screen c) scene d) side 5) Quentin Tarantino ... "Pulp Fiction". a) starred b) played c) wrote d) directed 6) What is it? a) An orchestra hole b) An orchestra pit c) An orchestra place d) An orchestra yama 7) "The Queen's Gambit" has got very good ... a) critics b) analysis c) reviews d) examine 8) Have you ever heard about the ... "Cats"? a) film b) musical c) opera d) ballet 9) "Riverdale" has a very good ... a) cast b) troupe c) company d) cosplay 10) What is it? a) stage b) orchestra pit c) balcony d) stalls


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