Have you / ever lie about your age? Why / lie? , Have you / ever get a present you didn't like? What?, Have you /ever forget somebody's birthday? Whose birthday / be?, Have you /ever study a language other than English? Which language / study?, Have you ever / cheat on a test? Why / cheat?, have you ever / lock yourself out of your house or apartment? How / get in?, Have you ever / live abroad? Where / live? Why / live there?, Have you / ever do volunteer work? What / do? How long / do it for?, Have you ever do an extreme sport? Which one / do?, Have you / ever complain in a hotel or restaurant? Why / complain?, Have you / ever sleep outside all night? Where / sleep? / sleep well?, Have you ever / speak in public? What / speak about? How / feel?, Have you ever / pretend to sick when you weren't? Why / do it?.


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