New England Colonies: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Puritans/Separatists, Religious Freedom, Shipping/Ship Building, Mayflower Compact, High Life Expectancy, High Literacy, Winthrop's "City upon a Hill", Middle Colonies: Pennsylvania, New York, Quakers, Cereal Crops (oats, wheat), Tolerant, religiously diverse, Fur trade, Hudson/Dutch influence, Larger/more port cities, Chesapeake Colonies: Virginia, Maryland, Tobacco, Cotton, Shifts from indentured servitude to slavery, Bacon's Rebellion, Jamestown, Virginia Company, Maryland Act of Toleration, Southern Colonies: Georgia, South Carolina, Rice, Sugar, other cash crops, Deeply Entrenched system of slavery, Stronger ties to England (named for kings!), Buffer against Spanish Florida and Spanish Mexico,

Period 3 Colonial Comparisons - APUSH




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