blackmail, blackmailer, to blackmail - He said he'd send the photos to a newspaper if the actress didn't pay him a lot of money, bribery, to bribe - The builder offered the mayor a free flat in return for giving his company permission to build new flats on a piece of green land, burglary, burglar, to break in/ to burgle - We came home from holiday and found that our TV had gone, drug dealing, drug dealer, to sell drugs - Someone tried to sell me some marijuana during the concert, fraud, fraudster, to commit fraud - The company accountant was transferring money into his own bank account, hacking, hacker, to hack into - A teenager got into Pentagon's computer system and downloaded some secret data, hijacking, hijacker, to hijack -  The passengers took control over the plane and made the pilot land it in the desert, kidnapping, kidnapper, to kidnap - They took away a rich man's son and then asked for money for his safe return, mugging, mugger, to mug - A man held out a knife and made me give him my wallet, murder, murderer, to murder - She went to her ex-husband's house and shot him dead, rape, rapist, to rape - After the party, the man made the woman have sex against her will, robbery, robber, to rob - An armed man in a mask walked into a shop and shouted, 'Give me all the money in the till!', smuggling, smuggler, to smuggle - When the border police searched his car, it was full of cigarettes, stalking, stalker, to stalk - A woman followed a pop singer everywhere he went, watching him and sending him messages on the Internet, terrorism, terrorist, to set off bombs - They left a bomb in the supermarket car park which exploded, theft, thief, to steal - Somebody stole my car last night from outside my house, vandalism, vandal, vandalize - Someone threw paint on the statue in the park, accuse - to say that someone has done something bad, acquit - If someone is acquitted of a crime, a court of law decides that they are not guilty., court - the place where a judge decides whether someone is guilty of a crime, evidence - information that is given or objects that are shown in a court of law to help to prove if someone has committed a crime, guilty - opposite of innocent, judge - someone who controls a trial in court, decides how criminals should be punished, and makes decisions about legal things, proof - a fact or a piece of information that shows something exists or is true, jury - a group of people in a court of law who decide if someone is guilty or not, sentence - a punishment that a judge gives to someone who has committed a crime, verdict - a decision in a court of law saying if someone is guilty or not, witness - someone in a court of law who says what they have seen and what they know about a crime,




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