I went along the windy____ steep path to the beach____ ____Go away____ said the mouse to the cat. My mum asked____ ____What do we need when we go on holiday____ ____Your room is a pigsty____ shouted my sister. She was right____ You couldn't see my floor because there were socks____ shoes and clothes covering it. How did it get this bad____ My sister Olivia, who lives in Australia____ is coming home for Christmas this year____ ____I can't wait____ said my mum excitedly. Today in school we have English____ Maths, Science and Geography. ____English is my favourite____ said Clodagh____ I nearly fell as I was carrying my books, planner, school bag, lunch bag and P.E kit________Be careful____ the floor is very slippy____ shouted the cleaner. After Jack went to the shops____ he made dinner for his family. ____This is absolutely delicious____ said his dad____ "When did you become such a great chef____ "We____re going to the cinema when restrictions are lifted____ said Katrina. ____Would you like to come with us____ Katrina, who was in Casey____ class____ was a lovely friend____ ____It____ nice to see you again____ said the teacher after four months of lockdown____ Miss Brown was sick of sitting at home and wanted to see her student's lovely____ friendly faces again. "I don____ feel great____ so I____m not going to the football match tonight____ said Tom "I really hope you feel better soon____ You____ our best player," said Michael.


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