I went to the sales. I got a bargain - Es i i'r sêls. Ces i fargen, I had porridge for breakfast - Ces i uwd i frecwast, I had fruit for breakfast - Ces i ffrwyth i frecwast, I didn't have lunch today - Ches i ddim cinio heddiw, I didn't have supper last night - Ches i ddim swper neithiwr, Did you have toast? - Gest ti dôst?, What did you have for lunch? - Beth gest ti i ginio?, I had coffee but I didn't have a biscuit - Ces i goffi ond ches i ddim bisged, I had a Birthday card but I didn't get a present - Ces i gerdyn Penblwydd, ond ches i ddim anrhegg, I went to the bread shop. I got a loaf - Es i i'r siop fara. Ces i dorth, I went to the cinema. I got popcorn - Es i i'r sinema. Ces i bopcorn, I went to the bank. I got money - Es i i'r banc. Ces i arian, I went to the beach. I got an ice cream - Es i i'r traeth. Ces i hufen iâ, I went Aldi. I got beer - Es i i Aldi. Ces i gwrw,


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