1) She _________________ horror movies. a) don't like b) doesn't like c) doesn't likes 2) We _________________ at a school. a) don't work b) doesn't work c) don't works 3) Emma _________________ Japanese food. a) don't eat b) doesn't eats c) doesn't eat 4) You _________________ comic books. a) doesn't reads b) don't reads c) don't read 5) You and I _________________ very much. a) don't study b) doesn't study c) don't studies 6) Javiera and Tomás _________________ in Brazil a) doesn't live b) don't lives c) don't live 7) Lucas _________________ basketball. a) doesn't play b) don't play c) doesn't plays 8) I _________________ Italian food. a) don't cooks b) doesn't cook c) don't cook 9) Billy _________________ cats. a) doesn't like b) don't like c) doesn't likes 10) The children _________________ their rooms. a) don't clean b) doesn't clean c) don't cleans 11) The cat _________________ sushi. a) doesn't eat b) doesn't eats c) don't eat 12) The dogs _________________ swim in the beach. a) don't swims b) don't swim c) doesn't swim

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