1) When does Easter come? a) in spring b) in summer c) in winter 2) What do we colour and paint at Easter?  a) Bunny pictures b) Our house c) Eggs 3) Who brings and hides Easter eggs? a) children b) Mum and Dad c) Easter Bunny 4) Where do children put Easter eggs during the hunt? a) into the bucket b) into the basket c) into the pocket 5) What do English bake on Good Friday? a) turkey and pumpkin pie b) fish and chips c) hot cross buns 6) What is Egg Hunt? a) you look for Easter eggs b) you hide Easter eggs c) you hunt for Easter Bunny 7) On what day do we celebrate Easter? a) on FRIDAY b) on SUNDAY c) on SATURDAY 8) What games do English people play at Easter?  a) egg-and- spoon race b) hit an egg c) basketball d) roll the eggs down the hill 9) What is Easter Bonnet? a) Special food b) Special hat c) toys 10) What does the Queen do on Thursday? a) She paints eggs. b) She gives money to poor people in Westminster Abbey c) She eats Easter eggs 11) What do families decorate at Easter? a) the house b) flowers c) egg tree 12) The person who has the best Easter Bonnet a) loses the game b) wins a prize c) gets nothing


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