Who is your favourite TV personality? Why?, Would you ever quit your job?, Why are people afraid of spiders?, Are you sentimental?, What makes your feel perfectly at ease?, Do you like celebriting your birthday?, Are you interested in Polish art?, Talk for 30 seconds about your last holidays., Would you ever shout at anyone?, Compare your life now to what it was 4 months ago. What has changed? , Tell me something about your childhood., Do you like attending weddings? , How do you react if someone is staring at you?, What famous sportsperson whould you like to meet? Why?, What subjects should never be discussed with your teacher?, Do you like museums? Which one can you recommend?, Tell us a joke in English., What are your top priorities in life?, Name three famous places in Britain., Are you preparing for any exam at the moment?, What is your definition of tolerance?, Is there any topic of conversation that you don't like?, Would you like to live long enough to be a centenarian? , Which four adjectives would you use to describe your character?, Do you like doing household jobs? Which ones?.




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