True: He doesn't see anything., He isn't shy., I saw him., He failed., I finished long ago., They are tired after practice., There is a dog in here., There's fifty cents., My mama's house is locked., He talks too much., Is he behind me?, I asked him a question., He's running quickly., I have four cookies., Go to school., I can't find it., They are nice., Isn't that yours?, The boy fell off his bike., The boy hurt his knee., The boy yelled because he was in pain., There were bruises on his knees., his mom gave him a band-aid and made him feel better., False: He don't see nothing., He ain't shy., I seen her., He done failed., I been finished., They be tired after work., Issa dog in here., There's fifty cent., My mama house is locked., He talk too much., He is behind me?, I aks him a question., He runnin fast., I got fo cookies., Go to schoo, I can't fine it, Dey is nice., Idn't nat yos?, The boy felled off his bike., The boy hurted his knee., The boy pained or yelled., His knees are bruises., His mom give him a band-aid and make him feel better.,

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