1) "I'm scared of parrots", Tom said. 2) "I can run fast", my sister said. 3) "I'll go crazy", Mary said. 4) "I've never seen a cow", John said. 5) "I've bought a monkey", Sarah told us. 6) "I won't be late", Ann told her mum. 7) "I can't pronounce the word aubergine", Mia told her teacher. 8) "I usually sleep on the floor", Mark said. 9) "He is silly", Monica said. 10) "I'm watching Netflix", she told her dad. 11) "Walls in my room are purple", Simon said. 12) "I'll never understand teachers", Johnatan said. 13) "They stole our horse yesterday", she said. 14) "They've arrested my son!", she told her neighbour. 15) "She doesn't have a smarphone", Alice told her friends. 16) "I forgot to feed my hamster", little Tom said. 17) "My hamster died", little Tom said. 18) "My dad is singing in the shower", Katy said.

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