1) Where is the dog? a) The dog is in the kennel b) The dog is in front of the kennel c) The dog is on the kennel 2) Where are the ducks? a) The ducks are behind the lake b) The ducks are above the lake c) The ducks are in the lake 3) Where is the rabbit? a) The rabbit is under the tree b) The rabbit is behind the tree c) The rabbit is opposite the tree 4) Where is the house? a) The house is in front of a tree b) The house is next to a supermarket c) The house is between two trees 5) Where are the kites? a) The kites are on the ground b) The kites are above the children c) The kites are behind the trees 6) Where is the table? a) The table is below the chandelier b) The table is next to the chandelier c) The table is on the left of the chandelier 7) Where is the seesaw? a) The seesaw is next to the tree b) The seesaw is behind the slide c) The seesaw is between the slide and the swing 8) Where is the ball? a) The ball is in front of the chair b) The ball is under the chair c) The ball is behind the chair 9) Where is the tv? a) The tv is over the fireplace b) The tv is next to the fireplace c) The tv is on the right of the fireplace 10) Where is the sofa? a) The sofa is behind the lamp b) The sofa is opposite the tv c) The sofa is next to the flower 11) Where is the clock? a) The clock is under the cupboards b) The clock is next to the fridge c) The clock is on the right of the cupboards 12) Where is the mirror? a) The mirror is under the clock b) The mirror is on the left of the bed c) The mirror is over the bed




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