1) If I ... on diet, I ... my weight. a) would have gone / had lost b) had gone / would have lost c) have gone / would have lost d) had gone / would lost 2) My father ... me a new bike if I ... a good mark at Maths at the end of the term. a) would have bought / had got   b) would have bought / had get c) had bought / would have got d) would has bought / had got 3) Samantha ... very hungry if she ... breakfast in the morning. a) would been / hadn`t had b) would have been / had had c) had had/ wouldn`t have d) would have been / hadn`t had  4) If you ... the truth, you ... punished a) had tell / wouldn`t have been b) had told / wouldn`t have been  c) had told / would have been d) had told / wouldn`t been 5) If I ... earlier, I ... you. a) had came / would have phoned b) had come / would have phone c) had come / would phoned d) had come / would have phoned 6) If James ... so many sweets, he ...a toothache.  a) hadn`t eaten / wouldn`t have  had b) hadn`t ate / wouldn`t have had c) hadn`t eaten / wouldn`t have d) wouldn`t have eaten / hadn`t had 7) We  ... skiing in the mountains if it ... . a) would have go / had snowed b) would have gone / have snowed c) would have gone / had snowed d) would have gone / had snow 8) If he ... his ticket, they ... him in. a) had forgoten / wouldn`t have let b) had forgotten / wouldn`t let c) had forgotten / hadn`t let d) had forgotten /  wouldn`t have let 9) If they ... the question, they ... it. a) had understood / would have answered b) had understand / would have answered c) had understood / would answered d) had understood / would have answer 10) Adam ...  a new car if he ... enough money. a) would has bought / had saved b) would have bought / has saved c) would have bought / had save d) would have bought /  had saved 11) If I ... a headache, I ... an asperin. a) have had / would have take b) had had / would have taken  c) had had / wouldn`t take d) hadn`t had / would have take 12) If Ron ... a vocation, he ... to India. a) hadn`t had / would have flown b) had had / wouldn`t have flown c) had had / would have flown d) had had / would have flew

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