collapsed - The building has fallen or _________________., informally - He didn't like to dress up, so he dressed ___________., combine - ______________ the eggs and the milk in a bowl., impulsive - He is so _________! He always acts without thinking first., correction - When you fix a mistake, you make a _______________., irresponsible - He's too ___________ to keep a job for more than a week., occurred - That event happened or __________ in 2015., omitted - You left something out of your report. You _____________ the title page., opposable - A monkey has _________ thumbs, so he can grasp things., oppressed - That group is subject to harsh and authoritarian treatment. They are ________., consistency - I don't like the ______ of foods like yogurt and applesauce. They feel funny., suppress - You may have a cough drop to _______ your cough., suggestion - I have an idea or a _________ to make. Why not do such and such?, subscribe - Do you _________ to any magazines?,

Barton 10.2 and 10.3 Review




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