1) I can't find my _________  jeans. (comfortable) a) comfortablest b) most comfortable c) comfortable d) the most comfortable 2) Jupiter is ___________ planet in our solar system. (big) a) the big b) the bigest c) the biggest d) the most biggest e) the most big 3) She is ________ girl in our class. (smart) a) the smart b) the most smartest c) the most smart d) the smartest 4) This is _____________ book I have ever read (interest) a) the most interesting b) most interesting c) the most interestest d) the interestest e) the interest 5) I am __________ person in my family. (short) a) the most shortest b) shortest c) the shortest d) the short e) the most short 6) That was ____________ movie ever. (good) a) the gooddest b) the best c) the good d) the bestest e) the better 7) Sam is _______________ boy in the whole school. (handsome) a) the handsomest b) the handsome c) the most handsome d) most handsome e) the most handsomest 8) Mount Everest is _____________ mountain in the world. (high) a) the highest b) the high c) the most highest d) the most high e) most high 9) He is __________ man I know. (old) a) the most oldest b) the old c) the most old d) the oldest e) most old 10) He is __________ driver I know. (bad) a) the most worst b) the worst c) the bad d) the badly e) the most bad



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