1) my sister is.... than me a) more short b) shorter c) most short 2) Tom is.... than sam a) more tall b) taller c) tallest 3) The test is.... than the previous one a) easy b) easier c) easiest 4) The rabbit is.. than the turtle a) more fast b) faster c) most fast 5) Grandpa is.... than dad a) older b) more old c) most old 6) The knife.... than the spoon a) dangerous b) more dangerous c) most dangerous 7) Adam is...than Fred a) more funny b) funnier c) most funny 8) Kris's bike is.... than yours a) cheaper b) more cheap c) most cheap 9) The movie is.... than the other one a) boringer b) more boring c) most boring 10) English is... than maths a) more interesting b) interesting c) most interesting


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