Time Periods 1 and 2: Native Americans, Indigenous Society, Colonial Regions and Identity, Columbian Exchange, Slavery, Time Period 3: Stamp Act, Revolution, Northwest Ordinance, Constitution, Articles of Confederation, Time Period 4: Expansion of Democracy, Andrew Jackson, Market Revolution, Second Great Awakening, Era of Jefferson, Time Period 5: Sectionalism , Civil War, Reconstruction, Manifest Destiny , Compromise of 1850, Time Period 6: Gilded Age, Robber Barons, Immigration and Migration , "New South", Chinese Exclusion Act, Time Period 7: Progressives, Imperialism, World Wars, Great Depression, New Deal, Time Period 8: Cold War, Civil Rights, Red Scare, Great Society , Environment, Time Period 9: War on Terror, Ronald Reagan, Homeland Security , Patriot Act , New Technology ,




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