1) Kaide was mad that Jackson took his Doritos. He was so mad he wanted revenge. What do you think will happen next? a) Jackson will laugh at Kaide b) Kaide will take revenge on Jackson c) Kaide will cry d) idk 2) Samantha knew she had a very big test the next day. But she didn't want to study, plus it wasn't like her mom would check her grades. So she failed the test. Then her mom saw her grade and got upset. Samantha felt really bad of her self and was determined to ace the next test. What do you think will happen next a) Samantha will study a lot b) She will cry c) She wont care d) idk e) Her teacher will laugh at her 3) John received an email from "King Felipe III of Yourmamadonia" asking him to send his credit info and 10000 dollars to receive 20 million dollars. Excited, John sent the money and info and waited. What do you think will happen next? a) John will get scammed and his info will get stolen b) King Felipe will invite him to his palace c) He will receive 20 million dollars d) he will get King Felipe's info e) He will get 10000 dollars back f) idk 4) Johnny was talking bad things about Samantha behind her back. She found out and was angry. What sentence would make you infer that Samantha won't be friends with Johnny anymore. a) She found out and was very angry b) joe mama c) what is infer? d) Johnny was talking bad things about Samantha behind her back. e) he saying very bad things 5) In the middle of a big thunderstorm Clary heard the Emergency sirens blare loudly. What do you think is happening. a) There is a tornado b) there is an ice cream man c) Walmart closed d) Gigi is stealing wallets again e) idk f) there is a car crash 6) After a long flight, Colonel Cornelios Cornwall went home and fell asleep. How do you think he was feeling? a) He was mad b) He was Angry c) He was happy d) He has COVID e) He was sad f) He was very tired 7) Jose couldn't finish all of his FFL because he couldn't think of questions for level 9. So he decided to not complete it. What do you think will happen next? a) He will get a bad grade b) He will cry c) Mrs Harris will laugh d) Kaide will beat him up e) He will get a 100% 8) If Jose keeps eating In N Out he... a) will be fat b) Hwill fail school c) will rule Britannia d) Will drink Gaterode e) will be very healthy f) will be sad 9) Jose and Kaide were getting ready to board a small raft, the man wearing a uniform buckled them up and said have fun. Where are they? a) Busch Gardens theme park, Williamsburg VA b) School c) A war zone d) at walmart e) at Gigi's house 10) Jose got the rod and a bucket of worms and headed for the lake. What will Jose do? a) Go hunting b) Go fishing c) Go shopping d) Go join the Navy e) Go to college f) Go to school




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