True: She is so young that she cannot go out on her own., The film was so boring that we fell asleep on the sofa., It was such an exciting day that we couldn´t stop talking about it., My mother is such a great cook that we always eat everything she makes., Tom is such a great singer that he is going to record an album., He ran so quickly that I couldn´t keep up with him, My friend is so scared of hights that she won´t go on the rollercoaster., She has such an interesting collection of books that I was looking at them for a long time., False: He is such tall that he doesn´t fit in the tree house., They baked so delicious cookies that they sold them all very quickly., He was such angry that he didn´t want to come out and play., Yasmin was such happy that her grandmother was coming to visit her., Mike is so a negative person that he is always unhappy., Lots of children in the class are such untidy that it is always a mess., His car is so old that it doesn´t have air conditioning., My bicycle is such small that I can´t use it anymore.,

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