1) I can't promise ___ on time. a) to be b) being 2) ____ is better exercise than running. a) To swim b) Swimming 3) Would you like ____ to my party? a) to come b) coming 4) Do you mind ____ so loudly? a) not to talk b) not talking 5) It was very interesting ___ my old school again. a) to see b) seeing 6) He works at weekends ___ some money. a) to earn b) earning 7) On Sunday she likes ____ and ___ anything. a) to relax, not to do b) relaxing, not doing 8) We were unhappy with the service, so the restaurant offered ___ us a free dinner. a) to give b) giving 9) Is it difficult ___ Japanese? a) to learn b) learning 10) He's very competitive. He thinks ___ is the most important thing. a) to win b) winning 11) She tried ___ the man, but she was driving too fast. a) not to hit b) not hitting 12) They spent all night ____ coffee and _____. a) to drink, to talk b) drinking, talking 13) Do you need ____ to the bathroom? a) to go b) going 14) They drove without ___ for 6 hours. a) to stop b) stopping 15) We're thinking of ___ to Mexico for our holidays next year. a) to go b) going 16) I'm very happy ____ here again. a) to be b) being 17) I decided ____ camping because I didn't have much money. a) to go b) going 18) ___ cakes and junk food will make you fat. a) To eat b) Eating 19) He pretended ___ the police officer. a) not to understand b) not understanding 20) Are you good at ____ people's names? a) to remember b) remembering


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