1) Which ____ do I turn to go to your house? a) away b) wai c) play d) way 2) Mr. Jeffrey wanted to get _____ as soon as school was over for the summer. a) display b) dismay c) away d) explain 3) I can see green hills beyond the ______. a) dismay b) plain c) play d) explain 4) Barack's father tried to _____ where his family came from. a) explain b) may c) plain d) detail 5) The kids like to ____ with their water toys. a) play b) plain c) tail d) explain 6) My mom liked the necklace on ______. a) dismay b) way c) display d) away 7) I asked, "Mom, ____ I play soccer at my friend's house?" a) may b) display c) plain d) away 8) Kate felt ____ when she couldn't submit her work. a) away b) dismay c) plain d) way 9) The dog is happy when its _____ is wagging. a) detail b) tail c) tayl d) plain 10) An important ____ from the story is when the boy slipped on the ice. a) display b) detail c) tail d) explain

Unit 6, Week 4 Spelling Words ai/ay Syllables Cloze Sentences




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