1) An elephant is___________________animal at the ZOO. a) the biggest b) bigger c) the bigest 2) A cheetah is _________________ runner. a) faster b) the most fast c) the fastest 3) Gorillas_______________ than spiders. a) are cuter b) is cuter c) are the cutest 4) The viper is __________________ Czech snake. a) the most dangerous b) more dangerous c) dangerousest 5) A pig _______________________than a cat. a) is fater b) is fatter c) are fatter 6) This bear ______________________animal at the ZOO. a) is stronger b) are stronger c) is the strongest 7) Dogs __________________than hippos. a) are the friendliest b) are friendlyer c) are friendlier 8) For me, flies are ________________________ insect! a) badder b) worse c) the worst 9) My guinea pig is ___________________ pet in the world! a) the most lazy b) the laziest c) the lazyest 10) Dogs and cats are ___________________________ pets. a) popularest b) more popular c) the most popular



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