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1) What is empathy? a) caring for another person b) the ability to understand the feelings of others c) Ms Williams' middle name d) a positive behaviour choice 2) What is positive self talk? a) talking to your dog in a positive way b) asking your parents if they are positive their correct c) telling yourself positive things d) all of the above 3) You are finding a maths problem hard, what should you do? a) ask for help b) tell yourself 'you can do it' c) check with the person next to you d) all of the above 4) Someone tells you that you are a whimp because you won't fight them, what should you do? a) walk away and tell a teacher b) call the other person a name and throw a punch c) run away screaming abuse at the other person d) talk about the person behind their back 5) You hurt yourself at lunch time- what should you do? a) tell the duty teacher b) walk up to the office without telling anyone where you are going c) go and hide in an out of bounds area because you are upset d) blame another student and yell at them


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