Will-Future: Vorhersagen und Vermutungen, Mit dem ____ kannst du sagen, was voraussichtlich geschehen wird., Signalwörter: I think, I'm sure, Signalwörter: I hope, probably, Signalwörter: perhaps, I suppose, Sue: Let's have a party! Helen: That's a great idea! (We will invite / We are going to invite) lots of people, John: Hello, Can I speak to Jim, please? Sue: Just a moment, (I'm going to get / I'll get) him. , Going-to Future: was jemand plant oder vorhat, Mit dem ______ kannst du sagen was höchstwahrscheinlich geschehen wird, Helen: Sue and I have decided to have a party. We (are going to invite/will invite) lots of people. , John: Why are you turning on the TV? Sue: Because (I will watch / I am going to watch) the news. , John: Has Jim decided what to do when he leaves school? Sue: Yes, everything is planned. He (is going to go / will go) on holiday for a few weeks. , John: Sue, do you want me to take you to the airport? Sue: No thanks, John. Jim ans Sue (will take / are going to take) me., John: Where are you going? Are you going shopping? Sue: Yes, (I'll buy / I'm going to buy) something for dinner. ,

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