1) The cat is ....... the table a) under b) on c) behind d) into e) in 2) The lamp is ....... the armchair a) on b) into c) in d) under e) behind 3) There are books .... the shelf a) on b) in c) under d) behind e) into 4) There is a gun .... the floor a) into b) under c) on d) behind e) in 5) The dresses are .... the wardrobe a) into b) in c) on d) under e) behind 6) The cat is .... the dogs a) in b) in front of c) between d) next to e) out of 7) The car is ... the house. a) next to b) in c) behind d) in front of e) under 8) The girl is sitting .... the window a) next to b) in c) behind d) under e) on


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