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Historical Fiction - Is a category of fantasy that incorporates fantastic elements into the narrative. Subgenres include Steampunk which are stories set in Victorian or Edwardian times, with a focus on clockwork and rusty gears., Fairy Tale - A story about fairies or other magical creatures., Fantasy - Fiction with strange or otherworldly settings or characters., Horror - Fiction which makes the reader feel dread or fear., Mystery - Fiction that revolves around solving a crime., Biography - A narrative of someone's life., Science fiction - A story based on the impact of actual, imagined, or potential science usually set on other/future planets., Comedy  - These books are usually fun and make the reader laugh. , Journalism - A report on real life events., Picture book - A story with very little words and lots of pictures. Usually intended for children., Romance - These stories are usually based around a love story.,

Book genre match-up

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