What kind of art is most interesting?, Do people in your country prefer to read books or watch films?, Why do you think that some parents choose to educate their children at home? Is this a good thing?, Why do people watch television serials?, How important are role models?, Have shopping habits changed over recent years? How?, Has the popularity of football changed in recent years?, Why do many young girls want to become models?, Do you think the transport system in your country will improve in the future?, What do you think are the typical character traits of people from your country?, Do you think all successful people are happy?, Do you think all happy people are successful?, Is water pollution a problem in your country?, What types of sport do you think are better, team sports or individual sports?, In what way does advertising influence what people buy?, What do you think is better – public or private transport? Why?, Has the level of crime in your country changed in recent years? How?, What are the main problems facing children in your country?, Why do countries have national holidays?.


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