1) If you go to Scotland, it's important to take a water_____ jacket a) able b) proof c) less 2) I _____spelt so many words in the writing that I failed a) mis b) un c) dis 3) Don't worry about my dog. He's completely harm_____ a) ful b) able c) less 4) Be careful with those glasses. They are easily break_____ a) able b) ful c) proof 5) My colleagues are always complaining that they earn too little and are _____worked a) over b) under c) un 6) You have made a lot of care_____ mistakes in the exam .Next time , pay more attention a) ful b) able c) less 7) I had a very happy child_____ a) ness b) hood c) ment 8) His main weak_____ is that he can't say no a) ment b) ism c) ness 9) If you want to make an improve______ ,try harder! a) ment b) ness c) ation 10) He was wearing a _____coloured scarf so it was easy to see him a) mono b) over c) multi 11) ________ is one of the biggest problems facing the elderly people nowadays a) Loneliment b) Loneliness c) Lonelyness 12) I ___understood the instructions and did the exercise completely wrong a) mis b) dis c) un

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