Hello! I'm Ann. What's your name? - I'm Mark, I'm the new boy in the class., What colour is your bedroom? - It's white. But my bed is red and the my desk is blue. , What's that? - It's my new pencil case., Who's your teacher? - It's Mrs White, she's nice., Who's that in the photo? - That's my brother, Nick. And look! It's me!, Where's my tablet? - Look! It's on the bed, under your bag., Where's the TV? - It's in the living room. , Where's dad? - He's in the garden. And mum is in the garden, too. , Who are they? - They are the happy students at Rókusi School. , Can your sister swim? - No, she can't, but she can climb a tree., Can you sing? - No, I can't. But I can paint. ,





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