1) Are you students? a) Yes, we aren't. b) No, you isn't. c) No, we aren't. 2) Are you into gymnastics? a) Yes, I'm. b) No, we aren't. c) Yes, we are. 3) Is it a music band? a) No, it is. b) Yes, it is.  c) Yes, they are. 4) Is art a difficult activity? a) No, it isn't. b) No, it's. c) Yes, we are. 5) Are chess and science sports? a) No, they aren't.  b) No, it isn't. c) Yes, they aren't. 6) Are Tom, Jane and David in the drama club? a) No, they aren't b) Yes, they are. c) Yes, they aren't. 7) Is this boy into athletics? a) Yes, he's. b) Yes, he is. c) Yes, I am. 8) Is the man swimming? a) Yes, is. b) No, isn't. c) No, he isn't. 9) Is Brittney Spears an actor? a) No, isn't. b) Yes, she is. c) No, she isn't. 10) Is the teacher at school now? a) Yes, she is. b) No, she isn't. c) Yes, is. 11) Are you Russian? a) Yes, you're. b) No, not. c) Yes, I am. 12) Are you interested in basketball? a) Yes, you are. b) No, I not. c) No, I'm not. 13) Am I old enough to help you cook?  a) Yes, you are. b) No, I am.  c) Yes, you not. 14) Am I good at science? a) Yes, I am. b) No, you aren't. c) No, not. 15) Are we beautiful? a) Yes, you are. b) No, they aren't. c) Yes, are. 16) Are I and Max old? a) No, they aren't  b) Yes, you is. c) No, you aren't.


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