1) My house is (big) _____ than yours a) bigger b) more big c) more bigger 2) This flower is (beautiful) _____ than that one a) beautifuler b) beautiful c) more beautiful d) more beautifuler 3) This book is (interesting) _____ than yours! a) more interesting b) interestinger c) more interestinger 4) My room is (tidy)_____________ than my brother´s. a) tidier b) more tidy c) more tidier 5) What subject is (difficult) - math or English? a) more difficult b) difficulter c) more difficulter 6) It is strange but this can is (small) _____ than that one. a) more small b) smaller c) more smaller 7) The weather this summer is even (bad) _____ than last summer  a) worse b) more bad c) badder 8) My cat is (quick)_______________ than my dog. a) more quick b) quicker c) more quicker 9) My aunt is (careful) _______________ than my uncle. a) carefulest b) more careful c) more carefuler 10) Books are (exciting) _________________ than films a) excitinger b) more excitinger c) more exciting

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