1) My mum builds roads and buildings. She's ______ . a) a customer b) an engineer c) a factory worker 2) My cousin's ___ and he's famous. a) a person b) a farmer c) a model 3) My uncle is on TV every night. He's ___ . a) a weather man b) a customer c) staff 4) My brother works with cars. He's ___ . a) a farmer b) a customer c) a mechanic 5) My sister helps the school football team. She's ___ . a) a coach b) a worker c) an actor 6) My cousin works with animals. She's ___ . a) an engineer b) a farmer c) a weather man 7) My dad makes cars. He's ___ . a) staff b) a factory worker c) a weather man 8) My uncle works on a boat in the sea. He's ___ . a) a customer b) a farmer c) a fisherman

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