put into - I can't _________ words how I'm feeling. I'm totally overwhelmed., own way - He's a spoilt child; he always has his ________., hold - Don't ______ back - say what you really mean., say - It's important to have your ____ and make your voice heard., last word - He always wants to have the _______ - he can't let someone else win an argument., go back on - To __________ your word means to break a promise., take notice - Her words were powerful, they made everyone sit up and ________. , tongue-tied - When I have to speak in public I get __________ and find it hard to speak properly., spotlight - Greta Thunberg has shone a _________ on climate issues., way with - My mum has a real __________ words and is very articulate., in a word - How was the concert? _________ - incredible!, fail me - I'm so angry I don't know what to say - words _______.,


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