I would like to organise a sponsored silence, which would last for 2 hours, to raise funds for the local youth centre., My neighbour, who lives opposite me, is also my landlord., The local library, where I do voluntary work, is having computers installed., Before redecorating you must prepare the walls, which will then give a perfect finish., Local people in St Matthews, where I live, are fed up with all the graffiti on the walls., I am a hard working and honest person, which makes me an ideal fundraiser., Our youth centre, which is really popular with local people, needs your help., My flat, where I've lived for 5 years, is in need of redecorating and modernising., Peter Soulsby, who is the mayor for Leicester, is planning more cycle lanes., Two years ago, when I worked in a local charity shop, I was responsible for organising all the donations.,




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