What kinds of airlines do you normally use? What are the best and the worst airlines you've used?, Have you ever flown long-haul? Where did you go? How long was the flight? Did you get jet lag?, How do you feel about flying? Have you ever had a very bad experience on a flight?, Have you ever been very delayed when travelling? How long for?, Have you ever missed a flight? Why? What did you do? (If not, do you know anyone who did?), Have you ever had to sit near a screaming baby (or a child that kept kicking your seat) on a plane, train, or bus? What did you do?, Have you ever had to catch a connecting flight, train, or bus with very little time to spare? Did you catch it?, Have you ever used low-cost airlines? Was your experience positive or negative?, Has your baggage ever been lost or sent to the wrong airport? What did you do?,


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